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Photography, Digital Work Flow, Lightroom and Photoshop Lessons in Ventura, CA

Photography & Editing Lessons:  As an experienced photographer, I can help improve your creative art form. I have been involved with photography for close to 40 years, and with computers for about twenty. I can assist your total work flow and make it more efficient – from camera to computer and web publishing.

I can share my LR and Photoshop skills, knowledge of digital media, how to process, edit and upload up load your work to the web. Also how to protect all the images you created by correctly saving and backing them up. Need to upgrade your computer or simply want to handle larger files a little more efficiently, I can help to enhance your PC with SSD drives and memory.

I offer one on one private instruction with your camera and computer, either at your home or any outdoor location around Ventura County. My fees can vary, but introductory lessons start at $30 per hour. You will need your own camera equipment or computer and software.


Reach out by providing some basic information on the skills that you would like help with. So that we can schedule time to discuss your photography needs, and come up with a lesson plan that focuses on the topics that are important to you.

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