Lesson Plan

What a Lesson Plan might look like:

If you are wondering what a private lesson could look like, here is an example of how I might build a lesson plan for a new student:

After responding to the initial email, I would follow-up with a phone call, and discuss the type of things you’re looking to cover in a session. Once I understand your goals, I will put together a draft plan, and have you review it to make sure I am on track. Please keep in mind that it’s important not to be rushed, and not to attempt too many new things, then leave feeling over whelmed.

Once we have an agreed upon plan, we find a time that is mutually convenient to schedule the lesson. I am able to travel to venues within Ventura County. So we could meet at the beach if its camera related, your office, home, Starbucks or a local restaurant. If we are reviewing software or work flow it would be helpful if you brought your own laptop, storage, SD cards, card reader etc. That way we are working with tools that you will be using in your digital work flow.

I can bring a laptop, if you do not currently have one available and would like private lesson on Lightroom. But, I want you to be comfortable working with your own tools. If we are reviewing importing, there is no need to start with 1000 photos, we just want to pick a few test shots and go through the process from start to finish. Beginning with a SD card containing some images and finishing with editing, then exporting your work to either the cloud or an external USB 3 drive.

The actual learning process would typically start with me reviewing you current level of comfort with the subject, and then a short demonstration of the topic. For example I could show you how to import, review files and tag them. Next, I would have you perform the same steps that I just demonstrated, while answering any questions that you may have. Lastly, I would have you describe back to me what we just covered and how the process worked. If all went well, we move on to the next item with the same process.

Say you have never used Lightroom, and want to learn the basics. That would probably take multiple lessons, and we would break down the pieces into manageable parts, based on your comfort with technology and each of the components. I would start with a summary of the tool itself and what it does well, followed by the first steps of using Lightroom. Certainly importing, viewing, editing and exporting can be covered in different sections of the lesson plan.

I hope that provides an over view of what a lesson could look like, please email me if you have any questions, and I would be happy to answer them.