Using LR and Windows

Here is a couple of things that I learned about LR, Laptops and Windows 10.

While Microsoft has made photo codecs for every version of Windows from XP on, they apparently no longer make photo Raw codec’s for Windows 10. In their defense Microsoft does have some photo App’s as shown below, which work to open NEF images, they are available to download from it’s online “store”, but the latest RAW photo codec will not work on Windows 10.

If your trying to edit in LR or Photoshop, a laptop touch pad seems really hard to use. I typically use a workstation at home and in my office, so it could be I am just more familiar with mice. But I much rather use an old fashion mouse any day of the week. It’s much easier for me to be precise with the pointer and right click when needed with a mouse.

Ran into an issue with LR creative cloud running on a laptop, would not recognize CR2 Raw images and import them. The only time I have seen this is with an older software version trying to import images from a newly released camera body. Not the case here since it was creative cloud licensed, and similar images from the same camera had been imported a week earlier.

Two possibilities come to mind, one is the Raw module in LR became corrupt or LR is ok; but the Raw files on the SD card became corrupt. A new SD card with different “good” Raw images would help to determine if it was the Raw images on the first card (possibly the SD card itself). If not something with the first card, I would to try and apply any new updates again or reinstall the LR software.

Helpful Lightroom tips:

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