ON1 Effects Review

Effects for LR now free!

ON1 is a very powerful tool that works with Lightroom v5 & v6, as well as Photoshop CS6 (note: The plug-ins do not work with CS5). Effects provides multiple presets and filters to help edit your photo.

The screen shots show the filter options that can be combined with presets. You can also add and edit with layers. I have not tried using layers in Effects, but I did try the mask brush, which works pretty much like the brush in LR to add or subtract an effect from a portion of the image. Below is a comparison shot with a little warming and texture, versus the original photo.

Each preset is grouped into categories, and each category has several different presets. The bottom screen shot shows the editing tool. On my link page I mention that by selecting “save as a smart photo”, you end up with a fully supported new PSD file, this is true for both LR and PS. There is also an option to stack the Effects edits with the original photo already in LR. You can turn that off, if you don’t like having stacked photos.

ON1 is a company located in Portland, Oregon – USA and the website is: https://www.on1.com/products/effects10/