Presets and Links:

While you can create your own presets in Lightroom, sometimes it’s nice to use plug-ins.

    • Google release the Nik collection about a year ago for free, the link to the down load site:
    • ON1 Effects 10.5 has a free version of their product that works with both Lightroom and Photoshop.  It can use smart photos, so while the side car file it self isn’t updated, it works really well. If your in Lightroom, call the ON1 plugin, it opens the effects program, you then have a large suit of excellent presets and filters that you can apply as needed.

When your happy with the result, you apply the settings (saving the edits). If you go the smart photo route with the import, you end up with a fully supported new PSD file that re-imports into Lightroom with all your original LR edits plus the new ON1 presets. ON1, Inc. is headquartered in Portland, Oregon: