Surface Pro 3 Notes

Surface Pros are a pain to support (more so than a regular laptop).


 It’s a good idea to update the driver package, if you see any type of hardware issues in the system event log. When you check the Microsoft support site for newer drivers, you will need to know the current build version of your Windows 10 OS. The easiest way to determine the version, is to run the “Winver” command. The version of the driver package you down load should match your OS build version. Also, make sure you have a system image, so that you at least have the option to roll back.

If you update the feature or build to the next version and it completes successfully. I recommend checking to  see if a new driver / FW package is available for that new release. Example Windows 10 OS build 1607.14393.1944 would use the update package for with 1607.14393 in the name (the package number is 17_037_02). You’re not just downloading the newest Microsoft bundle off the web site, the numbers have to match.

Also its a good idea to run SFC /scannow after you have installed a new feature release, to verify there hasn’t been some form of system corruption. Hopefully there won’t be any errors, but if there are errors, most likely SFC will be able to fix them for you. However, if they cannot be fixed with SFC, it can take a lot of work to correct with other utilities and a copy of the Windows install files.

Feature release downloads fail from time to time, especially in the 1511 days (new updates seemed to be pushed every week or two). So if you’re on something newer (i.e. 1607) that is still under support, I wouldn’t necessarily rush to be on 1703 or 1709. Also, don’t forget to do the drive cleanup and get rid of the BT~ and Windows.old folders after a feature update, they can take up 20 GB or more of space.

I don’t know that Microsoft can continue feature updates for free forever with Windows 10. More than likely, they will continue to come out with new versions of Orange Crush, that we really don’t want on Windows 10 Pro for business. Unfortunately, unless your rolling out a large scale scripted deployments of Microsoft 10 Pro in an enterprise, or are very good with PowerShell scripts, you won’t be able to avoid frequent Orange Crush or Xbox updates (I just turn those Apps off).

If you are concerned that a new feature or driver may cause a problem (not just for Surface Pro’s, but any workstation as well). These updates can be excluded if you have Windows 10 Pro, by using a built in tool – gpedit. On my systems, I delay new features, and turn off driver updates, see my “Windows 10 Patching” blog, to find out how.