Travel Setup

So you want to take a bunch of exciting travel photos with your new DSRL camera.

Say you are going to be gone for a while and will need to bring a laptop anyway. Can you edit those images in your travel down time before you return?

Why yes you can!  Adobe allows you to install Lightroom (LR) on two devices, with one user license, as long as the same person is using them both. So if you have a copy for your workstation, you can also install the same software and license on your travel laptop.

How should you merge edits done on the road with those you already have at home?  Well there are a couple of ways, one being just use an external USB 3 drive for both your laptop and workstation. Share the same image storage and catalog. I personally like USB 3 drives to augment laptop storage and for use in multiple backups.

But, I don’t like the idea of using a USB 3 drive full time as the primary storage for your images. So while that could be done, it’s not the process that I would recommend. A better approach would be to use a different “travel” catalog on the laptop. When you return home, plug the USB 3 drive in and copy your images to the PC’s hard drive.

Hopefully, you have an additional internal drive for storing images.

If you have done some editing on the road, you can import the edits from the travel catalog to your main home catalog. In LR under “File” at the top, simply select – import from another catalog. Then update the folder location in LR if the path changes between drives. That way you don’t lose edits done on the road, and your home catalog will be a complete set.

Tip: If you have cloud storage, using it while on the road makes a lot of sense. That way you have an extra copy of those images, no matter what happens to your luggage, or say the USB 3 drive was stolen during the journey. While images can be re-edited, if the source photos are lost, you’re in trouble right, so protect them multiple ways!