Windows 10 Must Do!

Windows 10 Pro Tip

Microsoft has taken a hard line with patching in Windows 10. You no longer have the ability to select some patches and omit other as easily as before in Windows 7. You do have the ability to perform a manual install with “Microsoft Update Catalog”, if you want to target a specific patch, while avoiding other bundled updates. But if you desire any control over patching here is what I suggest:

Run gpedit.msc and  go to: Administrative Templates \Windows Components \ Windows Update

Next select “Defer Windows Updates” and enable to select when you receive new Windows Features. This is important because, you want to be able to run and install the normal security updates without having to worry about prepping and doing a system backup like you would when a new feature release is available. Also you may need to test and plan when you really want the new feature release added, all of which take a good deal more time than regular patching.

Two other items that should be configured are the Automatic Updates themselves and if they should include drivers. Microsoft will sometimes bundle video and other drivers in with regular security patches. You may not see them unless you click on details, but you will get them, unless you specifically enable the setting below so they are not included. I personally don’t want Microsoft updating my video drivers, so I enable – “Do not include drivers with Windows Updates”.

Also, so you can decide when to install the normal security updates, and at times may choose to use Microsoft Update Catalog to manually target larger updates. Its best to choose option #2 to have that ability. Note that option #5 does not actually exist for Windows 10, and the maintenance schedule only applies with option #4.